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Special Edition: Direct from Ukraine with Orest Zub | TNN48

March 21, 2022 Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski Episode 48
The New Nomad
Special Edition: Direct from Ukraine with Orest Zub | TNN48
Show Notes

Ukraine is in the headlines all around the world. Russia has built up tens of thousands of troops along the Ukrainian border, an act of aggression that could spiral into the largest military conflict on European soil in decades. This war could lead to tens of thousands of civilian deaths, a European refugee crisis, and a response from Western allies that includes tough sanctions affecting the global economy. Orest Zub, the founder of, is in the front line when it comes to spreading the word online.

In this episode of The New Nomad, Orest joins our hosts, Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski, in educating the audience about what is really happening in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Orest talked about the history of why this gruesome event came to be and how Ukrainians are risking their lives to fight for their freedom. We all don’t know how this conflict will turn out but history is being written. It’s all up to all of us to do our part. Hope is not lost.

[5:05] Ukraine, an independent state

[12:44] History do not lie

[15:50] Freedom is not free, you have to fight for it

[19:14] A third world country with the first world people

[22:46] Hope is not lost

[31:06] Get involved locally, not just globally


Orest Zub is a true digital nomad, having visited 128 countries. He also happens to be an Estonian e-resident and entrepreneur. With the help of his new digital homeland, Orest is expanding the boundaries of his business, using his experiences from travel to guide him and his followers on the path of personal development.

He shares his travel stories and writes a bit of motivational philosophy on his blog site,

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